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We gladly announce and make you a part of the purchase of rights on the World Record Size book, starting on the 2nd of April 2008.

Our grateful thanks to Mr. Don Pisorwho has proceeded the transfer of his rights to us that assures the continuity and duration of this workmanship in the future years.

We consciously know the enormousdemand of work that this entails and represents to us , but our passion serves as a great force to continue to makethis book a genuine reference with the aid and assistance of numerous experts that guarantees the validity and the size accuracy of the specie.

We will be equally fair and impartial in treating and applying the same rules to everyone.

From now on , you may declare your record size directly to Mr. Barbier, Jean-Pierre or Mr. Quiquandon, Philippe and Olivier Santini.


Your declared species must have an attached copy of minimum 2 photos of it with the caliper on the side or have it verified by renowned professional.


Please dowload and fill this word document, mail it to us at contact@wrs-shells.com.


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